Healing Women’s Circle – any age, religion, color or beliefs

I have felt called to bring women together for a long time and finally I am doing it. My intention is to create a safe place where we can share, grow, understand, trust….

Who we are, what we want,
how to learn to be with our soul,
the value of your ancestors,
what fears are holding us back,
about love or compassion,
how to stop judgments?
How to laugh, smile, cry or be angry?
Cook, dance, paint?

In other words, how we can support each other, and how to build a community of the feminine once again.

Healing Women’s Circle will be coming soon

at Carnelian Center

Sisters of the Sun Rising – now and forever. We are sisters, mothers, friends, partners….

Please contact me if you are in coming at 402 515 2791 / momos.spai@gmail.com