Our Board of Directors

President: Lluvia Lawyer-Aby
Vice President: Melanie Kirby
Secretary: C.J. Robison
Treasurer: Jean Zitting
Public Relations: Jennifer Silverman

Lluvia Lawyer Aby was born in the Verde Valle of Arizona in 1973 and moved to New Mexico (with her parents) when she was two. She has lived in the Embudo Valley for the last twenty years except for a few years in Albuquerque where she studied Massage at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics (graduated 1995) and Pre-med at TVI (Degree awarded 1996). She has been a practicing Massage Therapist ever since. Lluvia lives in Ojo Sarco with her husband Scott and daughters Lorali, Salome, and Hannah Aby.

C.J. Robison moved to New Mexico from Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes. In a quest for water and solace I sought a life outdoors. I learned the plant names and marveled at their resiliency, discovered beautiful microclimates and a land rich with diversity, and after about five years the homesickness that I felt started to subside. Slowly the landscape was taking me in and showing me how to live in this brave new world. The common theme to my work since my arrival has always been community health as it is embodied in nature. I was a farm worker, a produce manager at local health food store and a landscaper. In 2010 I graduated from the Santa Fe School of Massage. I am a provider at the center, and as a board member my role is that of Secretary.

Melanie Margarita Kirby is a Professional Apiculturist (Beekeeper & Queen Honey Breeder). Her specialization supports biodiversity and enhancing habitat for pollinator and human health.  Her interest in community and animal wellness began as a child. She has served as the President of the Western Apicultural Society of North America and has participated as an active board member for several local and regional organizations.  She looks forward to offering Apitherapy services (medicines from the beehive) to those in need at the Carnelian Center and supporting health provides and patients in the area.

Jean Zitting lived most of her life in Albuquerque, NM, moving north years ago and now lives in Pilar, NM with her amazing kiddos and loving husband. She loves to dance and play in the river and enjoy the beauty that is all around. She believes in the power of one act of kindness. As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, she works closely with the Albuquerque based business, Change is Yours. After graduating from UNM in 1999 with a B.A. in Psychology, she worked in Bookkeeping for many years before deciding to pursue her passion for service and wellness. She is excited to be a part of the valuable, loving work that the Carnelian Center is doing to bring affordable, holistic health care to the community.

Jennifer Rose Silverman came to the Embudo Valley to live in 2010 and now calls these shared canyons and rivers her home. From a deep love for land and community well being, I bring my heart, mind and positive intentions to this board as Public Relations officer. New to the board 2014, I hope to serve the Carnelian Center’s continued goals to nurture healthy mind, body and spirit while building enhanced community. It is my belief that profound healing can be found in strengthening bonds between the individual, family, and community groups through positive health and healthcare, economic development and place enhancement. The health of one individual is directly related to the health of one’s community and cultural groups. I have a background as a community planner working in the area of agriculture and building “food shed” systems; in addition to serving as an organic farming inspector both locally and nationally for the last decade.
In spirited community, onward! Viva! Please come join us at the Carnelian Center.