Herbal Products

Here are a few of the Herbalists whose products we carry on our sales shelf.  Artemisia herbs and Cindy Stone of Wild Earth Remedies have sold at the Carnelian Center during Studio Tour in past years. Please look for the links as you scroll down to connect you to some online holiday shopping. Remember 10% of anything you purchase through these vendors will go to benefit the Carnelian Center. 


Good Earth Medicine

Medicine for People and Planet
Good Earth Medicine makes herbal remedies for whatever ails you. This includes medicinal tinctures, topical products that include tooth powder, mouthwash, deodorant, pain spray, salves, and customized herbal formulas.
In addition, I make biodynamic preparations for trees and gardens that promote fertility and mitigate the harmful effects of drought, pests, and disease. 
More information on available products at goodearthmedicine.com


Since it’s establishment in 1992, Artemisia Herbs has maintained a strong presence as a loyal provider of locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plant medicine within New Mexico. Artemisia Herbs is founded on the principle that quality is more essential than quantity. We pride ourselves in the history of a bioregional, sustainable herbal company that continues to inspire, support and benefit those it reaches.  

Deeply informed by the intelligence of the plants themselves, we carefully blend by hand in small batches. We are a small crew who work together to craft products which maintain an energetic integrity from farm to medicine. Our herbs are sourced primarily from a family owned farm in Dixon, NM and backyard growers and wildcrafters who care intimately for the plants they grow and harvest.

Our line includes a wide array of medicinal topicals, tinctures, honeys, vinegars, and bath & beauty care products…. Artemisia Herbs NM


We are a family business located in Fort Collins, Colorado that handcrafts all natural skincare products. Our products are plant based and made with organic ingredients. We fully operate off the grid, wind and solar powered. Enjoy browsing our store!…Queen of the MeadowAmazon Handmade


LyFeBaak Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Contains less than 0.03% THC
Made with Full Spectrum MCT Oil
Produced Using High Quality and Ethanol Super Critical Extraction Methods
We use 3rd party laboratory testing on all products with lab results. 
We offer several products including tincture, concentrate and topical.
Our products are organic and energetic certified CBD is grown by registered local hemp farms and is tested by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Roxanne Sanchez 505-417-6135