Support The Carnelian Center


The Carnelian Center gladly accepts donations towards expanding our programs and providing space for the healers and wellness practitioners of the Embudo Valley. We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and your receipt will serve as a tax deductible donation. Your charitable contribution is greatly appreciated!

Checks can be mailed to The Carnelian Center, PO Box 452, Dixon NM 87527. Or donate online now by clicking HERE. Thank you

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

Discount Treatment Program

In addition to clients who can afford to pay full price, we offer discounted treatments to residents of the Embudo Watershed* plus Pilar and Truchas. We strive to be an affordable option for those who are having chronic pain, stress, emotional strain, and also healthy transitions such as pregnancy and children moving through new developmental stages. Our program serves those who could benefit from our services but cannot afford to pay full price. These individuals can contact any practitioner at the Carnelian Center to request a discounted treatment, paying from $30 to $60, according to their ability.  The remainder of the cost of treatment is covered by the Discount Treatment Fund – which is to say, donations from generous people like you. Thank you!

In 2022, our practitioners provided 125 discounted treatments to members of our community.  You can help support this program in several ways:

  • Your donation of $10-$40 supplements a partial payment toward a discounted treatment.
  • You can support a particular individual with a gift certificate in any amount.
  • A recurring donation of $40/month covers the full cost of a series of hour-long sessions.

*  including Dixon, Picuris Pueblo, Peñasco, Vadito, Tres Ritos, Angostura, Chamisal, Vallecitos, Ojitos, El Valle, Las Trampas and Ojo Sarco

Food Bank

Since early 2008, our Food Bank has helped local families by distributing fresh and non-perishable foods – at no charge, no questions asked. Local farmers often contribute their own produce. In 2022, we distributed more than 5,000 boxes of food.

Our hard-working volunteers donate more than 1,700 hours annually to keep the Food Bank running smoothly.  With foodcosts rising, this support to our community matters more than ever. You can help.

  • A little goes a long way. Even a donation of $1 helps provide food for a local household.
  • A recurring donation of $10/month will help feed a family for a year.
  • And gardeners and farmers, you can help, too, by donating excess produce.

Keep the Lights On!

In order to provide our services, we need to cover the practical costs of keeping our space open. Even a non-profit needs to pay for electricity, gas, water, internet and phone. We also pay for maintenance of the buildings, appliancesand grounds. Please help us maintain a functional, safe and welcoming center for the community to gather, heal, nourish and celebrate.

  • A donation of $50 pays our gas bill for a month.
  • $120 pays our monthly phone and internet bill.
  • A recurring donation of $85/month would cover our costs for electricity.