Art Auction

Auction items: All proceeds from auction items go directly to suport the Carnelian Center. Acquire something beautiful and help us keep the space warm through the winter.

How To Bid…

Text (preferred) or call Montse at: 402-515-2791

Include: which art, your Name and phone number, and your bid. Thank you. 

Latest Bid will be posted here.

Siri Hollander– patit bronze Horse (only one hand high). Bring this renowned sculpture’s art into your own house.

Value $500, minimum bid $150

Siri Hollander– acrylic on canvas. From the first painting siries by the acclaimed sculpture.

Value $500, minimum bid $150

Paul Manno- acrylic on canvas.

Value $900, minimum bid $300

Montse Serra– “Love back to the Universe”, acrylic on canvas.

Value $600, minimum bid $150