Studio Tour

A fall festival, our 39th year celebrating the arts in Dixon, NM. Join us for our.

Virtual Tour November 7th and 8th, 2020.




In the light of COVID we are participating in the Virtual DixonStudio tour. Most years we are open and hosting youth art. We will miss the festive atmosphere and our Day of the Dead altar but we will try to bring the spirit of all that here. There are 3 categories you will find here: an Art Auction to raise general operations funds for the Carnelian Center, a display of Youth Art and links to the Herbal Products you can normally buy at the Center. All our vendors have a deep connection with the community of Dixon and 10% of the profits they make in relation to the virtual tour will go to general operations support for the Carnelian Center. Our main activity this year has been running the FOOD BANK. We are giving out approximately 150-200 boxes a week, or 2 to 3 tons. This has been a ghost of a year for us at the Carnelian Center with so many of our normal activities impossible with social distancing. As practitioners we are finding creative and safe ways to support those in need. There is a limited amount of treatments still taking place. We missed our tea party fundraiser this summer so we are looking for general operating funds to keep the Center going through the winter months. Salud  para todos.